Long-term Partnership with EasyWayIT

One of our long-term clients, Boylan and Boylan, is an accounting firm based in Clearwater, Florida, owned by Brian Boylan and Joe Boylan. EasyWayIT has been working with Boylan and Boylan since 2002, providing them with a wide range of IT services.

Boylan and Boylan initially approached EasyWayIT because they needed to work remotely. EasyWayIT created a virtual private network (VPN) to securely connect Boylan and Boylan's remote workers to their on-premises network. EasyWayIT also installed an on-premises domain controller and a remote access server, which enabled Boylan and Boylan's remote workers to access their desktops and files from anywhere, at any time. This allowed Boylan and Boylan's employees to work remotely, which greatly improved their productivity and work-life balance.

EasyWayIT also provided backup and support services to Boylan and Boylan since 2002. This involved monitoring their IT systems, performing regular backups and updates, and resolving any issues that arose. EasyWayIT also provided cybersecurity services, such as firewall management, antivirus protection, and intrusion detection. This ensured that Boylan and Boylan's IT systems were secure and protected from cyber threats. The backup services ensured that Boylan and Boylan's critical data was always safe and recoverable in case of any disaster.

Over the years, EasyWayIT has helped Boylan and Boylan to upgrade and modernize their IT systems. This included migrating their email system to Microsoft Office 365, which provided them with a more reliable and feature-rich email platform. EasyWayIT also implemented a document management system, which allowed Boylan and Boylan to manage their documents more efficiently and securely. This included document versioning, access controls, and search capabilities, which greatly improved their document management processes.

In conclusion, EasyWayIT has been a valuable MSP for Boylan and Boylan, providing them with a wide range of IT solutions and services. By providing comprehensive IT solutions and services, EasyWayIT has enabled Boylan and Boylan to focus on their core business, while leaving the IT management to the experts. With its expertise in IT infrastructure, remote access, cybersecurity, and modernization, EasyWayIT has helped Boylan and Boylan to improve their efficiency, productivity, and security, and to stay competitive in the fast-changing business environment.

Boylan and Boylan Client and Accountant since 2002
Service Provider and Client since 2002