Qem & Pharmacy Automation Systems

Qem, is a machine shop that specializes in producing high-precision components for various industries.

Pharmacy Automation Systems (PAS) develops innovative pharmacy automation systems for pharmacies. EasyWayIT has been working with both clients for several years, providing them with a wide range of IT services.

For Qem, EasyWayIT installed and managed the initial on-premises Domain Controller and Exchange Server. This allowed Qem to centralize its IT infrastructure and improve its email communication. EasyWayIT also implemented the first on-premises version of SharePoint for Qem. EasyWayIT provided IT support and assistance to Qem to create their Quality Management System in SharePoint. The system enabled Qem to track quality issues, identify root causes, and implement corrective actions more effectively. With the help of EasyWayIT, Qem was able to improve its quality control processes, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

For PAS, EasyWayIT provided assistance in creating the first cloud infrastructure to develop pharmacy automation systems software and infrastructure. This involved setting up cloud-based servers, storage, and network resources, as well as configuring security policies and access controls. EasyWayIT worked closely with PAS to understand its business requirements and recommend the best cloud infrastructure solutions. This allowed PAS to focus on developing its core business, rather than managing IT infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure provided PAS with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective platform to develop and deploy its pharmacy automation systems.

EasyWayIT also provided ongoing IT support and maintenance services to both clients. This involved monitoring their IT systems, performing regular backups and updates, and resolving any issues that arose. EasyWayIT also provided cybersecurity services, such as firewall management, antivirus protection, and intrusion detection. This ensured that both clients' IT systems were secure and protected from cyber threats.

In conclusion, EasyWayIT has been a valuable MSP for both Qem and PAS. With its expertise in IT infrastructure, SharePoint, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, EasyWayIT has helped both clients improve their efficiency, productivity, and security. By providing comprehensive IT solutions and services, EasyWayIT has enabled Qem and PAS to focus on their core businesses, while leaving the IT management to the experts.

Qem and Pas - Pharmacy Automation Systems
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