Holiday Special

$ 499 Website Bundle

Your Website: A customizable WordPress website with hundreds of templates to choose from. Bundle includes search engine optimization plug-in, media gallery plug-in, social media connections to promote your business, a custom contact form to connect you to your audience, metrics of your website, and mobile accessibility.

You provide us your desired content

including images, videos, and text and

we will build it for you!


call me today !


The Development Process:

  1. Choose a domain name or use your existing one
  2. Choose a template and customizations
  3. Determine the number and types of pages you require
  4. Oversee the content and media drafting of your Website page-by-page
  5. Publishing of first product draft
  6. Discuss adjustments and improvements to product (via phone, Internet, Skype call, or personal meeting in your office)
  7. Make adjustments and send in for your approval before publishing
  8. Website is PUBLIC!



Also available through EasyWayIT for your convenience:


Fully Customizable Banner Ads

Website Support + Maintenance + Updates + SEO