Business Networking in St. Petersburg

Business Networking in St. Petersburg

I am a member of an organized structured networking organization dedicated to creating a “know, like and trust” environment for increasing revenue for your business.

Network Professionals, Inc. has evolved it’s own approach to exchanging qualified referrals. NPI uses specially designed techniques and integrating the power of group dynamics, personal development, and financial acumen with a disciplined focus on how to assist businesses in achieving their marketing goals.

My fellow members are enhancing the ability to produce results with the word-of-mouth advertising and are learning how to effectively work together creating powerful long terms relationships. There is only one professional allowed for each business category so you will not be competing with others in your field once you become a member.

I invite you to attend our meeting to learn how you too can increase your business and help others increase theirs. This is a win win opportunity with no strings attached. I believe attending a meeting will let you see if NPI can work for you.

Parking available for free in garage Please bring business cards and promotional materials. Be prepared to do a 60-second infomercial telling the chapter about yourself, your products and services and the type of referrals you would like to receive.

See how easy NPI makes it?

Please contact me so I may confirm your attendance and I look forward to introducing you to my fellow members.